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How to apply Hotstar promo code


Hotstar promo code:

  1. Click on hotstar promo code
  1. You will be routed to the US Hotstar page with auto coupon applied.
  1. Now click on Start Subscription.
  1. Register With Full Name, Your Email ID And Password, Or With Your Facebook Account. You are on ” Enter Your Payment Details” Page and message displays as “You’ll be charged $49.99 (+taxes)”. Don’t panic, it will not charge $49.99 if you follow the next 2 steps.
  1. Have a Promo Code? Click Here first and It will Ask you to enter Promo code. Then Enter Hotstar promo code: HOT45 You will get a $10 IGP Coupon back + $5 Amazon Gift Card.
  1. The page shows that You’ll be charged $44.49 (+taxes). Great Enjoy the quality content and favorite shows on Hotstar.
  1. Now fill-up the Card details and tick mark on a square button – “I am over 18…). That’s it- Enjoy your favorite channels, IPL Cricket and many more.

How to watch Hotstar from USA:

Hello Desis,

If you are looking for perfect entertainment like cricket, movies, news, informative. So Hotstar is best option for you.

I’m going to show you the whole way so that you can get this subscription from a nicer way,

Before we start the main topic lets know about HOTSTAR



Disney+ Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming platform with over 100000 hours of drama and movies you can play and watch it on 17 languages. hotstar is owned by Walt Disney Company India and operated by Star India. hotstar is now become the most active platform as of March 2020.

How to Subscribe Hotstar:

Step 1: Go to Hotstar website and hit the option ‘Subscribe Now.’ There you’ll see an option Sign Up to Start Your Free Month. You can either sign up for the Hotstar account using Facebook or by adding manually adding details like login credentials.

Step 2: Add your first name, last name, debit/credit card number, the name of the cardholder, CVV, and expiry. Apply Hotstar promo code as HOT45. Now your account will be eligible for a one-month free trial.


Hotstar US:

Hotstar is a popular video streaming app that allows users stream different shows and movies on-the-go. Although users can watch free TV shows and movies online using Hotstar, few shows and movies are limited to premium account holders who pay for the service. However, it’s hotstar us promo code : HOT45 is provided by hotstar which gives 10% discount and $40 Gift cards. Please read below about Hotstar Subscription.


How to subscribe Hotstar from USA?

To watch Hotstar in USA or unblock it outside India, you will need a VPN

  1. If you are outside of India and want to get access to Hotstar. But, unfortunately, it is not possible in most of cases especially if Hotstar is not there, so there are the next solution is, use VPN service. This is reliable way to mask your IP address and change it to USA, Canada, or India. …
  2. Subscribe to a VPN service that has servers in India like PureVPN that has highly optimized and secure servers in India.
  3. Download the VPN desktop client or app (depending on the device you are using)
  4. Now Install the app on your device and log in to the service.
  5. Connect to an Indian server and access Hotstar.
  6. Sign-up for its service and enjoy streaming free Indian content on Hotstar in USA.


Hotstar USA Plans


Hotstar has 2 plans as mentioned below and you can apply Hotstar promo code : HOT45 for both the offers.


  1. Free membership– US subscriber can download and install Hotstar app from play store &ios store free of cost. Installing the Hotstar app is totally free. The free subscription allows limited digital content to its viewer. Subscribers who subscribed to free plan, can’t watch live streaming of cricket matches, European league, sports channels, and premium movies and Hotstar TV shows. Free membership users have limited access to Hotstar content like TV shows, limited live TV channels and limited access to sports matches highlights. All the TV serials are available to free subscribers once it went live on TV Channels. Update – Hotstar US has stopped the free subscription plan now and users have to subscribe to paid plan only. It means users will not access Hotstar content without any paid plan.
  2. Hotstar USA Annual membership Plan– Hotstar USA annual membership plan is revised from $99.99 to $49.99 + taxes per annum.  Now I will tell you a few tips about Hotstar USA membership that will help you to use Hotstar membership plan wisely. You can use the Hotstar coupon code HOT45  to get a $5 discount + $10 gift voucher from the IGP portal